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Billy Bragg

  4-4:45pm, Century C

For the entirety of Bragg's 30-year-plus recording career he has been involved with grassroots political movements. He has been an opponent of fascism, racism, bigotry, sexism and homophobia, and is a supporter of a multi-racial Britain. He has long been a supporter of Labor causes and the struggles of class solidarity, particularly as it related to miners’ strikes in the U.K. and the U.S.

He has just released Shine A Light, a collection of classic railroad songs recorded with Joe Henry in waiting rooms and at trackside in train stations from Chicago to Los Angeles. Bragg also has a new book in the works.

Bobby Rush

  3-3:45pm, Liberty

Bobby Rush is a blues legend who has garnered 4 GRAMMY® nominations, 10 Blues Music Awards with 44 nominations, and a 2006 induction in the Blues Hall of Fame. He has recorded over 337 records in 60 years and was named King of the Chitlin' Circuit by Rolling Stone Magazine!

Ani Cordero

  1pm-1:45pm, Century C

Puerto Rican multi-intrumentalist, passionate performer, researcher of music from Latin America. Ani's album, "Recordar," explored legacy of nueva canción, the pan-Latin protest movement that peaked during politically turbulent 1960s/70s. On forthcoming album"Querido Mundo," Ani's original protest songs tackle social justice and love, weaving political messages into danceable Latin rhythms.


  12pm-12:45pm, Liberty

Ayllu is the sum of many inter-American parts. The band name, a Quechua word for "family", is fitting, as the group formed in Kansas City from a kinship of love for latin folk rock - mixing both traditional and contemporary instruments to create a soundscape as diverse as its members.

Baile an Salsa

  3pm-3:45pm, Century C

Baile an Salsa are an international band comprised of nine world-class musicians. The band seamlessly blend their passion for traditional Irish music with Latin Rhythms, creating a fusion which they call "Salsa-Trad". Lead vocalist and founder, Andres Martorell, brings melodies from various styles including Salsa, Flamenco & Irish Sean Nós.

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer

  12pm-12:45pm, Shawnee Mission

Two-time GRAMMY® Award-winners, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer are a formidable powerhouse of sound with a repertoire of traditional and contemporary folk, old-time country and swing music. Their superb harmonies are backed by instrumental virtuosity on guitars, five-string & cello banjos, mandolin and ukulele.

The Center State

  12pm-12:45pm, Pershing East/West

The Center State hails from the booming early middle America hub of commerce, St. Joseph MO. The band weaves folk and americana music in with amazing vocal harmonies to catch your ears, hearts, and minds. Music that will bring you down and lift you up.

The Creek Rocks

  1pm-1:45pm, Pershing East/West

From Springfield, MO The Creek Rocks is the marriage of modern folk minstrels Mark Bilyeu and Cindy Woolf resulting in an embodiment of Ozark Mountain music; the skillful blending of banjo and hillbred harmonies that will leave you wanting to kick off your boots and dance a jig in the dirt.

David Wilcox

  2pm-2:45pm, Century C

David Wilcox is a father, a husband, a citizen and a songwriter. He is now 18 records into a career marked by personal revelation and wildly loyal fans. His lyrical insight is matched by his virtuosic guitar chops, and creative open tunings, giving him a range and tenderness rare in folk music.

Drum Safari

  3pm-3:45pm, Shawnee Mission

Drum Safari (an acclaimed children’s show) is a high-energy, interactive performance, where the audience is invited to join a musical “safari.” After meeting the safari animals and learning their rhythms, everyone is given a percussion instrument... and the JUNGLE JAM begins!


  2pm-2:45pm, Pershing East/West

Eems: Ukulele loop artist. Blending styles from pop and dance to hiphop and folk together to create lucid soundscapes that get you moving!

Ensemble Ibérica featuring Nathalie Pires

  2pm-2:45pm, Liberty

Ensemble Ibérica performs the music of Ibéria (Spain and Portugal) and the colonial Americas. Programs explore diverse time periods, styles and locations including Indigenous Latin America, Portuguese fado and Argentine tango. The Ensemble features extraordinary musicians from classical, jazz and folk traditions from around the world.

Gerald Trimble

  11am-11:45am, Liberty

Gerald Trimble, viola da gamba, is a primary innovator playing this ancient stringed instrument which can be bowed and plucked.His visionary virtuosity combines Celtic, Eastern and Early Music influences with modern techniques and improvisational skills spanning several centuries-from Renaissance/Baroque to Jazz-seamlessly uniting the entire continuum.

The Good Hearts

  3pm-3:45pm, Pershing East/West

The Good Hearts are a string based folk band out of Kansas City, MO. Their sound is cemented in the folk genre with touches of gospel, old country, soul, and pop. With their powerful lead vocals and gorgeous string arrangements, The Good Hearts share music that comes straight from the heart.

Grant Peeples

  1pm-1:45pm, Roanoke

Grant Peeples is a finger-in-your-eye poet, songwriter and artist. His song catalog includes both off-color comedy, and dramatic socio-political themes. He's made nine studio records, three produced by Gurf Morlix. John Conquest, of Third Coast Music Magazine, says: "Grant is the only songwriter I have ever called 'ruthless.'

Lula Wiles

  11am-11:45am, Roanoke

Lula Wiles is a Boston-based acoustic trio of multi-instrumentalists and songwriters. Their songs span from heartbreak-drenched acoustic ballads to honky-tonk swagger to contemporary grit and back again. Anchored by effervescent vocal harmonies and electrifying musical chemistry, Lula Wiles’ sound is deeply rooted in folk traditions yet undeniably modern.

Making Movies

  1pm-1:45pm, Shawnee Mission

Making Movies is a bilingual and bicultural band that takes you on a musical journey, showcasing the ancient Afro-Latino link between the blues, latin and rock & roll. Much like its mentors, Los Lobos, Making Movies has forged a new American sound that intersects Radiohead with Perez Prado.

Michelle Held

  12pm-12:45pm, Roanoke

Odysseus spoke of songs upon the seas, carried by winds for sailors' ears, sung to capture should one find themselves astray. Siren songs. We read about sirens with mythological reverence, but sometimes, during rare occasions, we find one in our midst. We very well may have found one with Michelle.

The Okee Dokee Brothers

  2pm-2:45pm, Shawnee Mission

As childhood friends, Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing were always exploring the outdoors. Now, as the GRAMMY® Award-winning Okee Dokee Brothers, they have put this passion for the outdoors at the heart of their Americana Folk music.

Orlagh de Bhaldraithe

  1pm-1:45pm, Liberty

A dynamic performer, incantress, and composer for outdoor spectacle theatre, Orlagh has composed and musically directed 9 streeet spectacles shows with Ireland's internationally renowned MACNAS theatre company, including performances at SXSW, Dublin Fringe 2011/12 and Wilderness Festival 2014. She is currently recording a solo record due for release in 2017.

Rachel Laven

  2pm-2:45pm, Roanoke

Newfolk Songwriting Competition Winner, Rachel Laven is a Texas native known for turning eyes and ears with her electric vocals and provocative songwriting. Laven has performed nationally and internationally at festivals, theaters, dancehalls, and house concerts alike. Her new album, Love & Luccheses blends Texas Folk with electric Americana music.

Scott Cook

  3pm-3:45pm, Roanoke

A roots balladeer with a rare personal warmth, Scott Cook has distilled the stories collected over a decade touring across Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia into straight-talking, keenly observant verse. Hard miles notwithstanding, he still believes that songs can change your life, and your life can change the world.

Sky Smeed

  11am-11:45am, Pershing East/West

Sky Smeed is a folksinger from rural southeast Kansas. Listeners often compare Sky to Gram Parsons, Neil Young and John Prine, though his easy-going demeanor, off-the-cuff banter and transparency link him to contemporaries like Todd Snider and Paul Thorn.

Steve Poltz

  12pm-12:45pm, Century C

Poltz’s sound is entirely unique – from his inhuman ngerstyle techniques to the inimitable melodies that roll from his guitar like cool waterfalls, you know a Poltz song as soon as you hear it.